Nikos Kefalas
Art Director

Nikos Kefalas is known for his talent in organizing inspired Hairdressing shows with attention to the minutest detain resulting in a perfect demonstration. He is renowned for his stage presence and for the way he interacts with his audience. Through his absolute precision, he allows every hairdresser present to see fashion through his eyes.

Nikos is responsible for the creative aspect of the latest and completed Study Programs of MISEL GROUP as well as the main inspiration behind the MISEL GROUP collections.

Παράλληλα συμμετέχει ενεργά και διατηρεί επί σειρά ετών, τη θέση του Καλλιτεχνικού Διευθυντή της Haute Coiffure Française στο Ελληνικό club.

His love of Modern Art and his passion for Hairdressing is reflected in his creations bringing perfect harmony to Cut and Colour. He sets the standards for inspiration and creativity to the MISEL GROUP team and also to every new student.

Kleanthis Kefalas
Creative Director

His passionate and enthusiastic nature is apparent in the way he creates new fashions and also in the way he communicates with his audience once on stage.

His love of Geometry reveals itself when he creates a new trend.

He has organized numerous Hairdressing events which have been distinguished and lauded for their unique and sophisticated appearance.

He has collaborated with leading Fashion Magazines and TV programs and is known as the man who imports the new hair trends that dominate the world of Hairdressing.

Elissavet Delandria
Technical Advisor

Beloved and endearing to her peers for the way she communicates with them and also for revealing to them the secrets of the A.S.P products (AFFINAGE Salon  Professional).

Her numerous years of experience in the arena of Hairdressing, gives her the ability to comprehend the needs and challenges of every professional and offer solutions. Her daily involvement in the MISEL GROUP Salons has made her admired , respected and cherished to her students and her numerous clients alike.