Haute Coiffure Française

Haute Coiffure Française is the most glamorous club creating fashion for hair worldwide with headquarters in Paris. Founded in 1945 by well known hairdressers, in order to develop further their creativity and talent through the common work. Today H.C.F. has more than 1500 salons – members worldwide and is an attraction for leading hairdressers to gain more reputation through the club. The artistic team of Haute Coiffure Française creates and launches 2 times a year its collection conquering the world of fashion.
The unique educational centers in Greece, which have the advantage of participating in the Haute Coiffure Française is MISEL GROUP, having two active members of ARTISTIC TEAM in the Greek and the French club.

ACTA – Spin Off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Misel Hairdressing and Beauty Group, always trustworthy to their commitment to offer complete technical skills to the students, has already inaugurated the collaboration with ACTA – Spin Off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The ACTA is accredited by the Organization for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK) of the Ministry of Education and accredited by the Accreditation Council (ESYD) of the Ministry of Development, acting in accordance with the principles and procedures of the international standard ISO 17024 on the certification of individuals. It is also a member of the Hellas Cert (Greek Association of Accredited Inspection Bodies – Certification) and member of the Federation of Greek Organizations Certification Human Resources (SYN.E.FO.P.).

It offers the fullest range of Hairdressing & Cosmetology Certification in Greece, which has been prepared by professionals and follow international standards for certification and the most stringent standards set by international experience and the companies ‘prescribe’ the wider field of cosmetics and beauty.

MISEL GROUP Educational Centres meet all requirements and became Certified Examining Centres of ACTA.

The students and the graduates have the opportunity of certifying their expertise in their subject of training, in the fields of hairdressing, cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, artificial nails, makeup, from an independent institution. Moreover, they will be competitive in the labor market, proving that they possess the essential knowledge and skills.

The new professional hairdressers and beauticians who hold certification will have an additional asset in their hands to claim a job and more labor rights – benefits.

Furthermore, in accordance with Community directives on education from 2011 to certify studies will be necessary for all professionals in all E.U. Member States.